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Alli Moore

Alli Moore

Adjusted Net Explosive Quantity (Adjusted NEQ)

The mass of TNT that would produce an equivalent explosive effect to the inventory under consideration.


A mass of angular volcanic fragments united by heat.

silurian agglomerate


An ammonium nitrate based emulsion, suspension or gel which meets the requirements of UN3375 under the UN (United Nations) classification system.

ANE Associated Works

Offices, workshops, stores, ablutions and the like directly associated with the operation of the ANE premises.

ANE Premises

Any designated land, building, or area that is used for the storage, manufacture or handling of ANE. A fence may or may not form, or be part of, the boundary of the premises.

ANE Process Building

A building, in which an ANE is normally stored and/or handled and where no additional processing of the material into an explosive occurs.

Angle of Initiation

The angle at which the initiation front passes through the blast.

Bench Terms

Bench Terms

Blast Controller

A person who may be appointed to handle the logistics of the clearance of the Blast Exclusion Zone including (but not limited to) the following:-

  • Removal / relocation and preparation of equipment currently within the Blast Exclusion Zone;
  • Confirming the position and location of the Blast guards;
  • Completing the clearance sweeps of the Blast Exclusion.

Zone once the guards are in place and the area secured.

Blast Site

An area including all holes to be loaded plus such as required for safe loading operations.

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