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Alli Moore

Alli Moore


Resembling a block in shape.

Burning Front

The distance that the initiation system has functioned in front of the blast firing.

Coefficient of Variance (CV)

Standard deviation expressed as a percentage of the mean.

Competent Authority

The authority having jurisdiction for administering legislation covering the manufacture, transport, storage and handling of dangerous goods and / or explosives within a particular State or Territory. There may be more than one authority in an ANE supply chain.

Constant Surveillance

The presence of an alert and authorised person or the continuous monitoring by video or electronic surveillance.


CPAN is chemically pure ammonium nitrate used for the manufacture of emulsion.

PPAN is porous prilled ammonium nitrate used for doping emulsion blends and the manufacture of ANFO.
PPAN contains voids that reduce the density to around 0.8


Creating the pit left by an explosion.

Credible Evacuation

A credible evacuation scenario is one with a high likelihood that within 45 minutes of the evacuation being initiated there is no person in a building inside Protected Works Class B distance and no person in the open inside Protected Works Class A distance. (Note that 45 minutes is the worst case – the target evacuation timeframe is 30 minutes.) Whether evacuation is credible can only be assessed on a site-specific basis. Refer Appendix D.

Critical Machine System

A machine system which has been assessed to present unacceptable consequences if the machine or its protective system should fail.
This includes all failures or malfunctions, which could lead to danger to life or significant harm to any person or to the environment.


The operation of a pump when there is no flow due to the outlet or discharge line being closed or blocked.

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