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Alli Moore

Alli Moore

Mean Average

The arithmetic average of a range of values.


Term sometimes used where a pre-split firing is integrated with the adjacent dependent production blast.


1/1000th of a second

Millisecond (MS) Series

Delay detonator series with relatively short (commonly 25MS) delays between adjacent numbers.

MS Detonators are designed for in-hole use to initiate a primer and are generally of #12 / #8* strength which is a base charge of about 1 gram total.

Millisecond Connector (MSC)

Signal tube device used to provide a delay in a detonating cord trunkline. Capable of firing in two directions.


A barricade intended to intercept horizontal and low angle debris from an explosion.

No Warning Explosion

An explosion which occurs which is not as a consequence of some other cause which would be obvious to an observer in the vicinity.

Nominated Person

A person (in addition to the licence holder) who is named in the SP and is responsible for managing the implementation of the SP. This person must hold an unsupervised handling licence.

Normal Distribution

The bell shaped symmetrical curve used in statistical analysis to generate the relative frequency of occurrence of natural events.

Detonator timing may be normally distributed at the average, although due to manufacturing it is more likely to be skewed to a shorter delay.

normal distribution


A multiple combinations of oxides of nitrogen (N2O, NO, NO2, N2O4, N2O3, N2O5) with nitrogen dioxide (NO2) being the principal hazardous nitrous gas.

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