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In a direction away from a centre point.


ALANFO A mixture of ANFO and aluminium powder. Adding aluminium increases the strength. As aluminium is a fuel a reduced quantity of diesel is required.


Approval by the regulatory authority having jurisdiction.

Authorized Person

The person authorized by the regulatory authority having jurisdiction, or authorized by management to carry out a particular duty.

Bell Wire

Insulated wires (usually of a lighter gauge than the firing cables) used between the detonator lead wires and the firing cables or for lengthening the lead wire of an electric detonator.

Plaster Shooting

The breaking of rocks or other materials by firing charges that have been placed against them and that have been confined by mud or clay.

Box Cut

A pattern of holes adopted for blasting to a new level below an existing floor or below existing surface mining.

Bulk Strength

The explosive strength value of a unit volume of an explosive material expressed against a standard reference such as ANFO.

Bulled Hole

A blast hole which has been enlarged (chambered) to accommodate extra explosive over a portion of its length (usually at the bottom) by exploding a small charge.

Column Charging

The charging of a drill hole with a continuous charge.

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