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The unfilled space in a container of liquid.

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UN Number

UN number (in relation to dangerous goods) – the identification number shown in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code for Transport by Road and Rail (6th edition), Volume 2, Technical Appendices) in relation to those goods.
The UN number in relation to explosives means the number listed in the Australian Explosives Code.
The Australian Dangerous Goods Code is currently being reviewed and is not available in electronic form.
The Australian Explosive Code is not available in electronic form, but is available for a fee by contacting 1300-889-873, or CANPRINT, PO Box 7456. Canberra Mail Centre ACT 2610.

(Note: Some SSAN products, such as calcium ammonium nitrate, that is not a Dangerous good, will not have a UN number).

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Unexplained Loss

Any loss that cannot be explained. If there are reasonable grounds to believe that an explosive or explosive precursor has been stolen or lost, this is a matter to be reported to the local police and the regulatory authority.

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United Nations (UN) Classification

The classification of dangerous goods as outlined in the current edition of the document titled Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, published by the United Nations (UN). The detailed tests supporting the Recommendations are described in a companion UN publication namely the Manual of Tests and Criteria.

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Unsupervised Access

Access to a explosives or security sensitive dangerous substances in circumstances where no other person who is authorised under a licence to store or handle explosives or security sensitive dangerous substances is present and includes:
• access to the secure store
• access to the keys to the secure store
• access to explosive or explosive precursor while it is being transported.

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